After 2 years of sterling service to the cause, Glen has parted company with Fedora Chic. We thank him for his efforts and contribution to the band

After dabbling with piano, guitar, trumpet and bass guitar, in a variety of differing styles since the sixties, Ant finally settled on Double Bass as his lifestyle of choice.  He has never looked back.

John studied classical guitar at college. After a few years playing classical concerts, he got distracted by the Folk music of Latin America and played guitar, requinto and Tiple in various bands before settling into a Duo called Duende.  15 years and 3 albums later he finds himself playing with Fedora Chic and loving it.  He still keeps his classical hand in though, playing chamber music with the Arcadia Ensemble.

Having spent many years singing in the shower Lou eventually signed up for some singing lessons.  Out with friends one night, desperate to try out her newly acquired skills, some Dutch courage gave her the nerve to ask the double bass player in the band if she could sing with them.  Ant said ‘yes’ and Fedora Chic is the latest adventure in a musical friendship now over 10 years old.